Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Benefits Of Granting Power Of Attorney

By Kate Perez

Watching a foreign movie and TV show or listening to a track in a foreign language is not unusual these days. Odds are that you even have your own favorites, wherever you are right now or what makes up foreign and local movies for you. It is possible to watch and listen to a program and music made in other countries because of their producers signed a distribution agreement with studios in your state. That happens when an owner wants to sell his wares to a market he has no power in.

If you want to sell a work, you can certainly do it yourself. However, there are times when you don't have the power to do so. In that case, you would need to sign a distribution agreement with a supplier you can market your product on your behalf. Say you have an indie film. You can release it in your hometown without the assistance of a major movie studio, but if you want to release it in another country, you would need the help of a studio situation in that place. And in this type of agreement in this given situation, granting power of attorney rights to the distributor is normally called for.

It is not necessary that you bestow a power of attorney, or POA, to the film studio that will distribute your movie. However, it would help your cause enormously as they would have the convenience of imposing your rights even if you aren't in the same country. A POA allows them to act on your behalf. The agent or the receiver of the POA, who is the foreign film distributor in this example, doesn't have to be an attorney per se. The right just means they can do whatever is in your best interest without getting your consent first.

If someone else made copies of your film and sold them to others at a lower price, you and your distributor would lose out in revenue. You would have no idea about the deceit since you are not even there. But the distributor can help protect your rights with a POA. They can sue the third party for releasing and distributing your movie without your consent.

The same is true for any other items, not just for films, TV programs, or music. The same rights would still be valid on any work that you wish to sell, like toys or food, although there would be slight modifications. You can also modify the POA to what you think just appropriate. It could include only those you believe necessary like suing a third party for releasing and selling your product without your consent.

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