Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Licensing Concerns And The Legal Issues

By Anne Cole

Copyright and intellectual property infringement has been ongoing even before the Internet made it effortless to distribute illegal copies of others' works. People share ideas, products, and even secrets to others and fob them off as their own or basically just profit from it without approval from the owner. And with the creation of the World Wide Web, pilfering files is made even a lot easier. Distributing others' composition is not bad all the time. Sometimes, if done with proper licensing arrangement, it can even aid the author. But with all the legalities included, employing solicitors for advice is a sensible move.

A good example would be a self-written track that you recorded independently or through a recording company. Copyright breaches are so rampant that even the most popular musicians of today have accused others or have been accused of pilfering music.

Naturally, you don't like other people to claim your music as theirs. You want it to spread as far as possible but you wish consumers to acknowledge you as the owner. You can enter into a licensing contract with those who like to play your song. The terms and conditions of your arrangement would be specified beforehand.

Copyright breaches can cost the charged millions of dollars if proved guilty. And with that much money involved, as well as the reputation of the violator, studio labels and artists don't leave it to chance. They employ the finest solicitors specializing in song licensing matters to help save them from the bind.

To those unversed with music licensing business, the entire process is somewhat very technical. A lot of indie musicians and consumers don't know much about copyrights and licenses. Solicitors help simplify the legal process to their clients when the entire process becomes too complicated. They counsel them on what is deemed permitted and what is not.

An musician would need a counsel to act as a guide in licensing issues. If the musician wants to cover a tune originally recorded decades ago, he or she would have to obtain a license to record it. There are specific permits to apply for if the musician wants to play the song on a TV show or just use a verse of the lyrics in a new track. With the all the legalities involved, it would be sensible to appoint counsels to help with the matter.

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