Friday, February 24, 2012

Requirements of Payday Loans

By Socrates De Souza

When it comes to money there isn't a person out there who feels stress without it. If you have bills to pay and don't know where to turn for help you have to consider a payday loan. Whether it's paying to fix that leaky faucet, the brakes on your car, or even to keep the electric on in your home a payday loan can get you out of the woods. Best of all they are right here in North America.

Getting a payday loan is very easy to do if you have the appropriate knowledge and tools to make it happen. Keep in mind they do not give you a credit check, but rather go through a series of questions. One of the first things you will be asked is the amount of money you make each week and when your next paycheck will be.

The first requirement is proof of income. This can be in the form of your pay stubs or even your paychecks. In most cases you will need to make more than a certain amount as this will ensure that you have the capability to pay of the loan, and pay it off on time.

The minimum is usually around $300 per week, even though some places will accept less. Unfortunately if you hit this mark or make less then you will only be eligible to receive around $100. Probably the biggest problem here is that most loan companies won't let you borrow such a small amount. This is why you should always check before taking the time to apply.

During the application process you will have to give them your name, number, a few references, the pay stubs, your social security number, and a host of other things.

The two best things you can bring is your social security card and your driver's license. Bringing other options is okay, but these should be priorities. If you don't have one of them it will most likely delay the process. If you do have these then it won't be too difficult to get the loan you need.

Once you are verified, you will need to set up a repayment schedule. You will probably be asked to pay back on the next payday, but some people are paid bi-weekly instead of weekly. In any case, you will need to tell them your payment schedule, and in some cases they may have to verify this with your employer. Once they do you will most likely be given your loan and sent on your way. As long as you remember to pay the loan back, you will have at least a portion of your next payday check to take care of your affairs.

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