Friday, February 10, 2012

Twitter Software For Professionals

By Dane Robson

The social website known as Twitter was only invented a few years ago, but it has already grown into one of the most popular webpages on the entire internet. It is a simple website, with a simple goal. But since it has become such a popular one, there have been a lot of Twitter software developed for people to use to interact with Twitter more effectively.

Twitter used to only be able to be accessed through the website itself. But since it's become such a popular social medium, software developers have taken advantage of it's popularity to develop software that can access it and allow people to work with it more easily and more effectively. There are different types of software too.

The original intent was to provide an easy way for people to give quick status updates to their friends and family. It is a similar concept to Facebook, but is like a stripped down version of just the wall, without all of the other parts. And with Twitter's popularity growing more and more each year, it has evolved into much more than a simple status update service.

Some of the benefits of these programs are that they allow you to make lists of the people you are following. You can organize the people you are following into lists that put them into categories that make sense to you, and then choose how you want to view those lists or whether you want to view them at all. So if you have a list populated by the people you care about following the most, you can just pull up that list in your program and see their tweets only without having to scan through all of the tweets from all of the people you are following in order to find ones from those people.

These programs are also usually cooler looking than the website itself. You can get different skins for them to fit your personal taste, and they have options available that let you work with Twitter more effectively. Some offer buttons that allow you to click to retweet a tweet, reply to one, or do something else more quickly than having to type in the appropriate hash tag in order to do that same thing.

There is also software that has been developed to allow you to post something to your Twitter account from another website. It could be a news article that you've just read, a Facebook post that you want to share, or something like an article you've written or picture that you've taken that you want to share with your Twitter followers. These are little snippets of programs that link one website or another to your Twitter account, and they're very useful.

These programs offer a lot of great features. You can create lists of the people you are following according to categories that make the most sense to you. Then you can arrange those lists in the program so that you can see a few of them at a time. And if you only want to see certain people's posts at any time, you can pull up the list with those people in it so you can see those posts right away without having to look through all of the tweets to get to the ones you actually care about right then.

Since Twitter is so popular now, and each person typically has over a hundred people they are following, without a program to help them do it, it can become somewhat overwhelming. But by using a program especially designed to work with Twitter, a person can work with it much more efficiently and easily, and enjoy it more. And if they enjoy it more, they'll keep using it and it'll remain popular.

Twitter software has so many benefits compared to the website itself that it's almost surprising when you see tweet from someone who posted it through the website rather than a program now. There are programs for computers and websites, and apps for smartphones. They all help people work with the social service better and will likely continue to be used and developed even further.

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