Sunday, April 22, 2012

In Constructing Wills Hawaii Lawyers Help Families

By Melody Lyons

Family law can be confusing and unnavigable for people who do not have legal expertise. When families need wills Hawaii lawyers step in and help them decide how to protect their interests. If people have children, property, and other treasured belongings that they want taken care of after they die, they are encouraged to draft this document.

This legal document comes into play when people have children under the age of eighteen who would still need guardians if their parents died. Moms and dads can take the time to decide what will happen to their offspring in the event of the parents' death. This task is difficult for most adults, but necessary according to lawyers.

The state may not know which family member or friend is the best one to care for their kids. A child may not be taken care of as well as the parents would like. To protect against this event, a mom and dad can put in their will who they would like to take custody in the event of their death.

Many people accrue real estate, bank accounts, and other property throughout their lives. These belongings outlive their owner and must be passed onto a surviving friend or relative. The person's will helps distribute that individual's wealth and safeguards the belongings from going to unintended parties who might not appreciate them.

Most people who have property want to leave it to their children or next-of-kin. In the absence of a will, the estate's executor has the full right to give away money and land to whomever her or she chooses. This random selection might not be what the deceased wanted.

Rather than figure out family laws alone, people often decide to retain legal counsel. In drafting wills Hawaii families seek to protect their children and their assets. Without this legal document, the state or the executor has the burden of deciding what to do with the deceased's property. State agencies also decide where surviving children go to live.

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