Saturday, June 23, 2012

All Of About Seller Financed Notes

By Thelma Kent

There are different kinds of scenario when it comes to seller financed notes and financing. One of the situation that cannot be avoided in this field is when sellers need to carry back their own note. This is an important thing to do if he wants to facilitate his business well.

There are lots of reasons for this to happen. First off is when the buyer is not qualified for any of the conventional financing being offered in the industry nowadays. For business buyers, they will need to give up the financing if they do not qualify for any SBA financing.

It also happens when either the buyer or the sellers do not want to compromise the time that is required to wait for the approval and processing period for the SBA financing. The SBA financing usually takes time before it can be released.

Another reason for this to happen is when the buyer is not capable of paying off the item. Also, there are times when the buyer is not willing to purchase it. Of course, the sellers will just have to work it off.

With this, the person can also find ways to earn for his working capital. Every business need to have money invested in it to make it work. The business operation can only operate if the money is enough to fund it.

For the sellers, it might also be important to liquidate the note. There are several reasons for this. It could either be that the sellers want to receive cash. It could also be for the reason to pay off large debts.

Usually, the Seller Financed Notes possess a minimum equity of 30 percent. This figure is typically a combination of the principal reduction and cash down. This kind of note is also effective for an average of five years or less.

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