Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The ex Goth student who manages a travel insurance brand

By Paul Godin

Different people take different paths into their chosen career and this is the story about a gothic girl who ended up running a web insurance business.

I became aware of this girl when I registered with the social media network Twitter about 4 years ago. When I started Twitter I randomly began to follow folks with varied interests.

I honestly do not know why or how I started following a 23 years old girl who had the look of a Goth. Maybe it was because of retweet of somebody else who was talking about web design.

Anyway I analysed her profile and it claimed she was into website design, photography and computer games. And there was a the link to her website. An insurance business website. I did not think much of it at the time.

In time I began to take notice of her discussing website design, visitor to conversion ratios mixed in with links to her fantastic photography and which console game she had just finished.

Her business tweets were very limited until one day she posted a link about herself.

She went into serious detail about her dad running a sound insurance firm. Then her father died quite young and suddenly. And as a very young 20 something she promised to keep on the company in his memory.

So here is a young twenty something girl into Xbox games, photography now running, which appears on the surface, to be a old fashioned company selling student travel insurance online, home content insurance and car insurance.

Her interests and this business couldn't be further apart. But she has added her flavor to the insurance firm; modernising its branding to be younger, fresher, more approachable and by all accounts more profitable.

The trails people take into the business life always humble me but this girl certainly is like very few I've ever experienced.

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