Monday, August 6, 2012

How to Help Your ICBC Claim: 5 Tips From Personal Injury Lawyers in Vancouver BC

By Gerald Nickerson

Have you been hurt in some type of accident in Vancouver which you didn't cause? If this is indeed the case, this is most likely an exceptionally distressing period in your life, especially if you're unclear about your legal rights, the amount of monetary recompense you are entitled to and precisely how a Vancouver ICBC lawyer can help you get hold of it.

The somewhat frightening truth is that just one unscrupulous judgement in relation to your BC personal injury claim could cause you to lose your right to financial recompense. To assist you in dealing with your claim calmly and optimistically, below are five tips you'll likely receive during your visit to a Vancouver personal injury lawyer:

Get the Most Suitable Hospital Treatment At Once

If you fail to see a fully qualified Vancouver medical professional regarding the injuries you've sustained shortly following the accident you were involved in, ICBC may use this to support the allegation that you were not harmed in the accident. Furthermore, it is pivotal to not only your health but also your case that you take the vital steps to rehab prescribed by your doctor, which injury claimants in Vancouver are required to do by law.

Try to See Just A Single Physician

By visiting a single doctor for the injury or injuries you received in your accident, you will be making sure that this doctor is thoroughly familiar with your ailments, which will allow him to write a meticulous report about them and your recovery, if this is needed.

Discuss Each and Every One of Your Accident Injuries With Your Physician

If you fail to divulge any of the health problems that have been caused by your car accident to your doctor or ICBC's, ICBC has reason to argue that you are not eligible for reimbursement for them. Hiding details about your health from your physician also allows ICBC to form an argument against your integrity.

Examine Your Case with a Personal Injury Lawyer Before Chatting About it with ICBC

If and when ICBC reaches you on the phone, it is vitally important to bear in mind that they are in no way legally entitled to any details from you in regard to your accident or your injuries. By not giving them any information or facts save for confirmation that you were in fact in an accident until you have received trustworthy legal counsel from a trusted Vancouver personal injury lawyer, you can make sure that you protect your rights. If you are pressured with repeat phone calls, it may be smart to simply tell them that your attorney will get a hold of them.

Be Cautious About Signing Anything at ICBC's Request

If and when ICBC requests that you make an appearance at their office to make a signed statement do so at your own risk. Should you neglect to mention any significant info in your statement or it is misconstrued, your claim could lose significant value instantaneously.

Furthermore, be leery of forms requesting release of your personal information that ICBC may ask you to sign. They are without right to such privileged information, which may even include your medical history.

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  1. The most important action you can take immediately following an auto accident is to see if everyone involved is all right and uninjured. If anyone has suffered a personal injury, contact the proper authorities and request that an emergency medical response team be dispatched.

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  2. Thanks for these tips! I once had to file an ICBC in Surrey BC and it was such a pain. I wish I would have known some of these things before hand.