Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How To Take Your Pick Among The Many Law Firms Out There

By Aaron Dorsey

You can find a law firm whichever direction you turn. The law firm could be a sole proprietorship or a partnership with thousands of lawyers and employees on its payroll. You can pretty much take your pick among many law firms when you are in need of the services of lawyers.

Now how should you go about the process of choosing a law firm when you need legal representation or simple legal services? Maybe you prefer to do things on the fly, being random in your choice. Do the recommendations of family and friends hold much water for you? Maybe you know some attorneys personally and decide they would do. Or are you more circumspect about it, conducting your own research on these law firms until you are satisfied you found the one which would suit you and your needs best?

What is the proper way to make your choice? The best possible way to go about things would be to do all those things I just mentioned. Initially, just go with your gut and be as random as you want. You can look at the yellow pages for the names of law firms near you. An internet search would also do. Make a list of the names of these firms.

It is time to trim that list and you can do that by doing some research. You could factor in the many inputs, suggestions and opinions of your acquaintances, family and friends. Get out and talk to people you do not know but have an opinion of the law firm so you will know what they think. These strangers could tell you something about the firm that you don't already know.

Learning more about the firm can be done through browsing the websites of these law firms on the internet. These law firms have particular branches of the law they specialize in and the websites are a good place to find that out. It could be that they are only handling divorce cases, or it could be that DUI cases are their main focus. Do they specialize in criminal cases or personal injury cases? Remove those law firms whose specializations are not in line with your specific needs in order to trim the list. Try looking up the old and present clients of these law firms to hear what they have to say.

You will also be able to find out how good these lawyers are by the awards, accolades and affiliations commonly listed in one part of their website. If you are interested about the lawyers in the firm themselves, you can also take the time out to check out their credentials. After all, a law firm is only as good as the people behind it - the lawyers. Maybe you are also concerned with the law school they attended.

The track performance record and success rate of the law firm will also be a good deciding factor. Public records are also a good place to look into, particularly on how these law firms have handled cases that are similar to yours. The better their success rate is, the more favor you will be heaping on them when it comes time to decide.

Next you would have to personally look into how much they charge or bill their clients for services rendered. Often, lawyers charge or bill by the hour. However, there are many law firms that offer payment plans that would suit the budget of most clients. Go for the reasonable one that will not put too much of a dent on your budget. Meeting with these lawyers will give you an idea if you will be able to work with them and actually trust them with your case.

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