Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ohio University Apartments Are An Accommodation Option For Students

By Trisha Ellis

One of the most important tasks facing students is to find the right accommodation. Starting at university can be quite stressful for many students. They are facing a whole new way of life and for many; it will be their first time away from home and their first real taste of independence. To help them settle in and adjust to their new life-style, they are encouraged to rent and perhaps share one of the Ohio University apartments available on campus.

The on-site accommodation usually consists of single occupancy rooms within the halls of residence. Students living in the residence have access to a shared common rooms, kitchen and dining facilities. The kitchen equipment will be fairly basic, but usually includes a microwave. Which is fine for the majority of students who will only prepare snack meals in the halls. They have the option of taking their main meals in one of the several campus restaurants or dining rooms.

Domestic staff are employed to maintain and clean the communal areas within accommodation blocks. Each student is responsible for the cleaning of their room and reporting any maintenance issues to the maintenance section. There are usually on-site laundry facilities for students, but many still prefer to take or send their dirty washing home for mum to take care off.

New students are often encouraged by their parents to live on campus in their first year. This allows their son or daughter to mix with others in the same position. It is known to reassure parents that they are in the best place to make friends and learn to adapt to their new way of life. It can often be the start of long term friendships that can last well past university days.

Demand for on-campus accommodation can often outstrip supply, and can leave many disappointed. First year applicants are usually given priority over returning students, but apart from that, places are allocated on a first come basis. There is a wide variety of accommodation options owned and managed by the university in surrounding areas.

Students returning for a further year of studies, will know their way around and be familiar with the life-style. They may well opt for living off-campus and decide to rent a shared house or apartment with friends they made during their previous studies. Many students who bring their families with them tend to prefer renting suitable housing nearer to or within a local community, allowing their families to access the local services and facilities.

In addition to properties owned and rented by the university, many private landlords rent to students. There is usually a selection of different styles and sizes of rental options available. Some leases may have to be renewed each term, others may cover the full nine-month school year. Both types have advantages and disadvantages so it really comes down to personal preferences.

Students should always receive a document that spells out the terms and conditions of their lease for their Ohio University apartments. Accommodation costs are generally paid in advance at the beginning of each term. Once the rent payment has been made, students are presented with their keys and are free to move into their accommodation.

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