Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Legal Right Of Borrowers To Claim Back PPI Charges Imposed On Them

By Jay Barton

If you have been misled before by your bank when you took out a loan many years ago or were made to pay by your credit card provider for a policy that you were not aware you agreed to take in the first place then you deserve to claim back PPI premiums charged to you.

Apparently, this type of financial scam which was proven to be deliberately imposed by banks and credit card provider on their innocent clients was exposed first by Which? Magazine in 1998 and then followed by several media publications until it finally caught the attention of Financial Services Authority in 2005.

Proper measure were implemented by the FSA by informing the banking and financial heads to correct the issue. Eventually fines were imposed one after another on those who have misled their clients.

Consequently in December 2010 banks and lenders called for the High Court for a judicial review on FSA guidelines. Throughout the hearing most banking institutions concerned put all claims for mis-selling on-hold.

Then on April 2011 the High Court finally made their decision in favor of the FSA thus benefiting affected clients to be able to claim back PPI premiums charged to them along with the interest accumulated. For this reason all lenders were obligated to set aside large amount of funds to review files with PPI policy and essentially reimburse all amounts due to their clients.

Nonetheless, it is the duty of the policy holder to confirm that PPI was mis-sold to them at the start. Realistically Payment Protection Insurance by nature is definitely useful because it will enable the policy holder to cover the loan for the period of 12 months if in the event the borrower dies, becomes ill or handicapped or just about any situation that will prevent him to earn income.

On that aspect, evidence should be proven by the borrower that it was indeed mis-sold to them. This implies the factor that the borrower was either out of work, self employed or going through medical treatment that restrict him to have work when the loan transaction was finalized. Alternate case, the lender might have misled the borrower that it was compulsory to have his loan accepted. Otherwise, PPI was just put in automatically without the understanding of the borrower.

If any of the situations is found to occur in your case then it is definite that you can claim back PPI charges imposed on you by your lenders. You can either submit all necessary documents to the bank yourself or you can opt to hire a Claim Management Company to assist you as they have the expertise in handling it. One precaution to be taken before hiring any company is to make sure that they are authorized by the Ministry of Justice.

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