Sunday, August 19, 2012

Why Purchase Pet Cover for Your Dog?

By Bob Long

Dog healthcare insurance works pretty much the same as any insurance that you can purchase for yourself and your family. For a repeating premium payment, you can be protected against unplanned costs due to your dog's health or if the animal bites someone or causes an accident that results in personal injury or property damage. The insurer creates a risk pool and determines the individual premiums based mostly on the breed, age and health history of the dog. Veterinary medicine has improved by leaps and bounds lately and a lot more can be done to boost your pet's longevity and quality of life. With those advances however have come rising costs and fees that are now increasing by about 10% a year. By pooling risks thru obtaining insurance, the owner avoids having to make the difficult call between providing for their pet's health or spending money they can not afford.

There are several kinds of dog insurance plans. Some cover accidents and emergencies, while others provide repayments for routine vet care. Medicine could be included in the basic plan or covered at further cost. Some plans reimburse a percentage of the total vet bill. Others only cover usual and customary charges, which are based largely on averages determined by the insurer.

Pet insurance is not an one-size-fits-all product and your individual circumstances must be considered before making a commitment to a policy. If you have the fiscal resources to cover a big unexpected vet expense that might run into thousands of dollars than you are in effect self insured and don't need dog insurance. Pet health insurance providers must make money so like all insurance plans the premiums paid in and the investment return on those funds must surpass the total anticipated outlay in medical expenses across the whole pool of purchasers. However most dog owners don't have that degree of financial flexibility so pet insurance could be a good choice to hedge their bets against future sickness. If you are going to insure your dog it is almost always a great idea to start when it is a young, healthy puppy dog and exploit any discount programs the insurer could be offering.

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