Thursday, October 25, 2012

Maid Insurance Fraud-Protect Yourself

By Alice Sy

If you are serious about securing you and your maid's future through reliable maid insurance, you might want to protect your goal by ensuring a fraud-free insurance. An insurance fraud happens all the time, even to helpless maid insurances. They may come in different form of lies and treachery but the end goal is always the same: to get your money. The last thing you want after all is to lose something, especially your hard-earned money. Here are some valuable tips to trust when dealing with insurance companies.

Before you sign anything that may cost you, always check the person or company you are dealing with. Aside from legal proofs, always be wary of the prices they are demanding. It cannot be too high or too low, it means something is suspicious. Also, when they demand for payments, make sure that it is not cold cash right demand at your door step but through valid payment methods. Checks should be payable to a registered company, the same goes for any other mode of billing.

Maid insurance may come in different packages, but the one you chose must be the one you are paying for. Make sure the deal you sealed has written proof with both parties' signature. Every time you pay your due, there should always be a statement attached regarding to your personal program that must coincide with the original one.

Should your insurance finally be consumed, either by an accident or medical check-up bills, always request for a detailed statement to make claims on the insurance company verifiable and the reimbursements, faster. Some insurance companies take time to return your investments so ensure all valid proofs so they may have no reason to delay the process.

You are securing Maid insurance for your gain and not for any loss. Therefore, take time in choosing a plan, a company or paying your statements. As a concerned citizen, it always pays to be alert and be on guard of your rights. Fulfill your responsibility, ensure your future, and ensure your safety.

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