Monday, October 22, 2012

Top Law Firm In San Antonio Stands Up For Veterans

By Carmella Isenhour

No amount of money can reward soldiers for their devotion to their country and the sacrifice they make for it. Sometimes though, they do not get what is due to them and they have to put up a fight to get it. One veteran benefits attorney San Antonio professional is devoted to help them get the compensation that they so deserve.

The lawyer always encourages former fighters to understand provisions in the law in terms of claims and compensation. Having the knowledge can inform their decision to make a case for claiming benefits.

The attorney assists not only the veterans located in or around San Antonio but other states and counties. Evidence and arguments are submitted in writing. When the lawyer takes on a case, the file is sent to them with the facts that will enable him to support a case where a former soldier is seeking to make a claim. If there is sufficient medical evidence to make a case, an independent medical evaluation is arranged for at a facility that is near the location of the plaintiff.

Aggravation of an injury or a disability is one of the claims that a former soldier can make. This is as long as it is related to a disability that was there before. A claim can also be made for total disability depending on individual circumstances. Claims for an extra- scheduler rating of disability can also be made.

However, this last one can only be made if the disability a veteran has it related to the time they were in active service and if they have a disability rating of 60 percent or more. This must be supported by medical evidence that the disability has left them unemployable. Should these two conditions be fulfilled, then a disability rating of 100 is given and a claim can be made.

The veteran benefits attorney San Antonio firm will also represent the survivors of veterans and their dependents. The benefits are awarded if the former fighter died in service and if the death was due to an injury not related to the service and the veteran was receiving compensation for disability for at least 10 years before their death.

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