Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Australian Electricity Company Red Energy Information

By Rick Redlan

Red Energy has spent years, with their parent company, Snowy Hydro Limited, spending decades before them, in researching a more sustainable source of energy than what we have now. Snowy Mountain was the creation of Snowy Hydro, redirecting water flowing to the east coast and coaxing it into the Mountain's vast tunnels and power stations and gathers the power from there, successfully providing electricity to those who lived nearby.

They have built complex systems that are able to collect power and then convert them into useable forms of energy which they then distribute using even more complex systems that they devise by themselves. The way they innovate is very admirable, as it truly is a huge leap forward, especially with our ecosystem the way it is now. Instead of harming the environment, they have found incredibly clean and green solutions that keep nature safe while still providing us with power. Hopefully more companies follow suit and work together to innovate and find more ways to collect and utilize nature-friendly power and power sources. Not only are they cleaner, but they are more powerful, they never run out and they are reliable; they cannot shut down due to technical difficulties. Natural power is a step in the right direction, giving us more power while still protecting the environment from the much harm of dangerous and toxic chemical substances.

The demand for energy continues to rise as the technology created continues to become more and more advanced and uses up more and more power. Add to that the regular usage of electricity in even the poorest households, and the value of energy has gone so high up yet the supply still is not enough. Enter renewable energy, power taken directly from the forces of nature: the sun, water and wind.

Red Energy, an Australian energy company directly owned by Snowy Hydro Limited, specializes in such work, and has been working to find more ways to get power from these sources. There have already been solar calculators, cars and other quirky machinery, but Red Energy takes this to the next level. They build sophisticated state-of-the-art systems which systematically collect the power from the sources and convert them into useable energy.

Anything left over during usage can be harmlessly reused and so the cost is nearly cut into half just for that. Also, these sources need not be replenished by hand, as nature automatically does that for us. So here, we have powerful, continuous, flowing and unlimited energy, free for anyone who can understand how to control it. It is not easy, however, as nature is oftentimes unpredictable, and so are its elements. One cannot yet properly predict wind patterns, for example, and how they will affect the power that is reliant on them. More companies such as Red Energy are working hard to perfect their craft and be more precise.

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