Monday, November 12, 2012

How Do I Claim Back PPI?

By Richard Paul

Have you noticed a strange charge on your loan with the bank? Maybe you never noticed it before but someone else did. Maybe your bank told you about it but you never realized that it was unnecessary. The PPI charge on your bank loan is actually just a superfluous charge that your bank is tacking on to your loan. It's not something that you need at all. Maybe you've realized that or maybe you didn't even know. But it's important that you know you can claim back PPI that you've paid in to the bank. And it's easy to do.

To start with you should do to claim back PPI is visit the bank. Chances are that they won't help you but it must be a starting point regardless. Ensure you talk to somebody responsible and speak with them about these charges. Make sure that you tell them you know you don't need that insurance plan in your loan. Make sure they know that you're informed and you expect your refund. When they refuse to assist you then it is time to take the next thing.

Calling an attorney is the second step you want to do. A lawyer will help you claim back PPI quickly and easily. Banks know that they have to listen when lawyer's start contacting. They already know an attorney is a serious person and is not going to listen to their reasons. That means they will begin cooperating much better. That does not mean they will give you a reimbursement just as that. You may still have to take them to court to obtain the funds.

If your bank still won't give you the money that they owe you when your lawyer calls then you want to file a suit. Filing a suit will help you claim back PPI because your bank will either have to make a settlement or risk going to court where a judge will force them to give back the money and possibly even more than they actually owe. At this point most banks will try to get you to take a portion of your money back in exchange for not going to court. It's your choice whether you take this settlement or take the case on to a courtroom.

If you've recently obtained a loan from the bank then chances are you are paying for PPI. The charge is itemized on your loan payment and when you look you'll probably find it. What you might not have known is that you don't require that insurance plan. Your loan is secure and PPI is simply a method that banks are trying to earn money out of unsuspecting clients. If you are one of them then it's time you claim back PPI that you have paid in. So talk to your bank and try to reach an agreement but if they won't help you and they will not aid you then it is time to get a lawyer to fight for you.

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