Friday, November 9, 2012

Just How Can Public Adjusters Take The Stress Out Of Filing An Insurance Claim

By Brian Roberts

When you are a property owner, your mortgage lender requires you to invest in a minimum amount of property insurance. Even without this requirement in place, however, the majority of property owners would never even consider not being insured. This type of coverage protects you against financial loss due to storm, fire damage, theft and more. Nevertheless, it is not necessarily a good idea to use your coverage and submit a claim for property damage. Before you decide to contact public adjusters and your insurance firm to file a claim, look at taking a few key steps.

Property damages quote

As a first step, consider getting at least one quote to fix damages done to your property. Keep in mind that you should select the company that provides you with the highest quality results and most professional service when carrying out work on your property instead of the cheapest quote for the services. If you have any personal property damaged, like home furniture, write down a list of those items at the same time, and calculate repair or replacement costs for those items.

Review Your Insurance policy

Next, review your policy thoroughly to find out what type of coverage you actually have. For instance, when you have wind damage to your property, determine that you've wind damage insurance in place and just what the specific conditions of your wind damage insurance are. While reviewing your plan, also take a closer look at your insurance deductible. Your insurance provider will pay for covered damages more than your deductible. Keep in mind that your insurance premium may increase when you file a claim, so it may not be to your advantage to submit a claim on damages which are near to the amount of your deductible.

In The Event You File a Claim

If you choose to file a claim, look at what settlement you believe is fair in accordance with the quotes you have received for repairs and your estimate of personal property that must be replaced. Give your total list of repairs to your property insurance company's adjuster.

Preferably, your insurance company's adjuster will provide you with sufficient funds to repair covered damages as well as to replace damaged personal items if they are covered by your policy. However, if you believe that your claim is not being handled in a just manner, you can work with public adjusters. These are third party adjusters that work as a liaison between both you and your insurance provider to negotiate a better settlement.

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