Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fight Substance And Drug Abuse By Being In The Know

By Steve Richard

The negative effects of drug issues have become more obvious in recent years. The global scene is constantly witnessing modernization at its best and, in the case of drug issues, at its worst, considering it is partly responsible for this negative turn. Hence, drugs too have taken a turn for the worse. Man has now come up with various ways and means to extract as much high as they could even if they have a limited stash of drugs in their possession. Substance abuse, indeed, is already deeply ingrained into modern society and there seems to be no escaping it.

This is a bad habit that is frowned on by society in general. However, not a lot of attention is accorded to it. Addiction and loss of life are the biggest results that arise in substance abuse. Alcohol, for one, has earned worldwide recognition, thanks to the many product and brand variations. Yet, the drug has managed to bring many into bondage of abuse it, making them take alcohol like prescription drugs - three times a day. Abuse of alcohol, otherwise known as alcoholism, has now become a social problem. But the law seems too complacent when it comes to preventing drunken individuals from committing unsavory and dangerous acts. They will only put them behind bars or punish them accordingly after a crime has been committed or an accident has already taken place.

To be more precise, however, our fight against substance abuse is centered on the prevention of the distribution and usage of hard drugs. All over the world, these drugs are declared illegal or unlawful. That does not, however, stop this from being such a lucrative business. The price tag attached to even the smallest amount of any of these hard drugs is not enough to stop those who are addicted to it to do everything they could in their power to buy them. After all, they do not feel they can survive without their regular fix of the drug. Cocaine, meth, heroin, are just some of the common hard substances abused today.

There are a number of billion dollar companies who are in the business of mass-producing these substances. Take nicotine, for example, which is an addictive substance found in cigarettes. The substance will distort the mental state of its users, while the smoke will lead to cancer. Tobacco smoking has been prohibited in a number of countries, and they do this by prohibiting its sale and distribution. In fact, it has been the advocacy of many groups to make the treatment against marijuana be levied equally to cigarettes.

You would notice that this fight against substance abuse that is being waged globally does not hit on the users of the drugs or even the peddlers where they directly procure the substances from. It's the "big fish", or the companies that manufacture these drugs that are single-minded being pursued. But all those efforts are always stonewalled and getting little headway because these big fish have friends or connections who are among the authorities who are supposed to be the one enforcing it. This has caused many social and activist movements to shift their gears and use other tactics. Now they are resorting to information dissemination and increasing public awareness about the negative effects of letting these drug issues go unattended and uncorrected.

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