Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Now Is The Time To Buy Copper Bullion

By Patrice McCoy

Traditionally gold and silver have been the things to invest in during hard times. This is a tradition that continues to prove itself as gold prices have hit record highs. The price has gone above fifteen hundred dollars an ounce since man began keeping count. Silver is also experiencing great increases, selling for as high as forty five dollars an ounce. As the world locks into a global economy there is a need for other alternatives. The alternative to consider is to buy copper bullion.

It is not considered to be a precious metal like gold. But it is a nonrenewable resource. In other words, once you mine it from the earth there is no more going to be created to take its place. So by definition it will become more precious as it is continually depleted. Now would be a great time to get in on the investment opportunities.

It currently trades for approximate three dollars and fifty cents a pound. This means an ounce is worth about twenty two cents. This is no where near the level of an ounce of gold. It creates a golden opportunity, pun intended, for someone to begin investing in it. This investment will continue to increase in value over time.

Dishonest people have begun to focus on it. The housing market downturn has left many homes empty. Thieves, looking for easy money, have begun stripping wiring and plumbing and selling it for scrap. With an average of four hundred pounds of copper in a home, this could translate into a significant sum. Thieves have even been bold enough to steal copper from homes that were not vacant.

A subsection of the stock market includes what are referred to as penny stocks. These are stocks which generally trade for one dollar or less. Often a penny stock can increase significantly. A small investment can create high percentages of returns. This is the same with copper. One hundred dollars of it should have a higher growth percentage than gold or silver.

Part of the rapid rise of gold could be because of uneducated speculation. This is the same thing that occurs with petroleum. High levels of volatility is the result of this unwise speculation, with many losing money in the process. Stress can be eliminated by diversification into different metals.

Perhaps a well know example of a bullion is the Statue of Liberty. It was a reddish brown color in the beginning it turned to a greenish blue as it aged. The bullion will go through the same process. This will not reduced the value of the bullion.

Although the US dollar is the worlds highest trading currency there are concerns that its value will continue to decrease. In the event of a major economic collapse there will be a need to have an acceptable means of bartering with others. There will be bartering needs other than time and talents. This is a great reason to buy copper bullion.

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